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Mobile First Indexing and Why It is Important to Local Businesses

Recent debates have tilted towards the meaning, nature, and advantage of the mobile-first indexing; an initiative of Google. Driven by the continuous desire to satisfy their customers, Google developed the mobile first indexing that is more user-friendly. This development was necessitated by the survey of the market and the result showing an outrageous number of searches done from mobile phones as against those done from desktops. With an undertone of the utilitarian principle of “the greatest good for the greatest number,” Google pursued its goal of delivering a comprehensive and efficient browsing experience for the more substantial proportion of its users.

This article shall consider some of the most persistently pressing questions of website owners in regards to Mobile First Indexing and its usefulness to businesses, especially small businesses.

What is Mobile First Indexing?

The expression “mobile first indexing” might sound ambiguous and complex when one first hears it. However, just as the name implies, Mobile First Indexing means that the mobile versions of websites receive priorities during indexing.

For every Google or any other search engine that consumers visit, the mobile websites related to their searches pop up first before the desktop versions. This sounds interesting and holds a lot of advantages for local businesses!  But in no way does it imply that the desktop versions of websites will be completely obliterated since it is not “mobile-only” indexing. The desktop versions will only be called up during searches when there is no corresponding mobile version to the index.

How Does Mobile First Indexing work?

The Mobile First Indexing is no big news to local business owners as they have been hinted of its advent by Google.  This was in a bid to get their sites optimised for the mobile experience. To get your website listed in the index and your business seen on Google, it first has to be mobile-friendly. However, if you do not have a mobile version of your website, Google will automatically crawl and index your desktop website.

What are the Importance of Mobile First Indexing to Local Businesses?

The world as we have it today has gone mobile (with 97% of consumers looking for businesses online), it is only right to match up to its pace. Businesses that must thrive in a dynamic world such as this, characterised by changes must be open to change and flexible. Among the advantages of Mobile First Indexing to Local Businesses include:

  • It impacts positively on the rankings of websites and businesses.
  • It increases the numbers of visitors to one’s website since your website can be easily accessible to more people using mobile gadgets.
  • The Mobile First Indexing also implies that your business or website appears in searches made from desktop sites as well. Hence, reaching a broader community interested in your services.
  • The mobile versions of your business website will be considered the primary version of your site and treated with utmost priority by the Google team.
  • Mobile pages/versions offer unbeatable speed and load time making its top choice for users.
  • The Mobile First Indexing does not necessarily alter the existing content of your desktop sites as long as it’s a responsive site. You have nothing to worry with regards to your clients and content.

What are the Importance of Mobile First Indexing to Local Businesses?

Even though the advantages far outweigh its demerits, it is expedient to highlight some of the hitches likely to be experienced.

  • In the transition from a desktop version to a mobile version, it is advisable to have a responsive design that will enable access to all contents available on the desktop site, as it translates to extra cost for business owners who will need to redesign.
  • The problem of achieving a good site speed on mobile phones.

So there you have it, all you need to know about first indexing and its usefulness to Local Businesses.

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How to Get More Followers on Instagram – Best Strategies

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has continued to grow in feature and follows, making it one of the most exceptional social media platforms concerning growth potential. With over 200 million active monthly users, marketers are jumping over themselves to use the platform as a means to get their products right where potential customers will see them. Instagram marketing is the current, and we’re not surprised at all.

In all these, getting the right Instagram followers is the real deal, but how can you get the right followers if you don’t get followers at all? This is why marketers and users are applying new strategies to get more followers on Instagram.

Are you thinking of the right strategies to fetch you more followers?

The truth is that a lot has changed about Instagram since its launch, and these days, it has gotten even more challenging to get Instagram followers than ever before.

If you want more Instagram followers, then you must up your game by adopting fresh strategies and approaches.

This article brings you with 3 useful tips on how to get more followers on Instagram. Do enjoy the read as you learn about new strategies to give your Instagram account a boost.

Hack your Instagram Stories for Greater Exposure

The trend is gradually changing; stories are taking over from regular Instagram posts as the new key for keeping followers engaged.

Most people don’t know that apart from creating a new level of engagement, stories are also great for getting new Instagram followers. Yes! You read that rightly. Instagram stories generally appear on the explore page, hence can be seen and watched by people that don’t even follow you. The good it will be doing to your image if your Instagram stories can easily engage Instagram users is better experienced than described.

Apart from that, your stories can also possibly be seen in the stories of different locations and hashtags. Of course, most hashtags and geo-locations on Instagram are attached to their own stories.

So how do you utilize this feature to get your story up on the public Instagram story?

Either add location to your Instagram stories or add hashtags. It’s that simple.

Share User-Generated Content

Sharing user-generated content can be the secret sauce for growing your Instagram follows. It has helped a lot of brands grow their brands within very short periods, so it is tested and trusted.

The easiest way to understand this is by thinking of how brands adopt the very best user contents that can be found around the web and featuring them on their social media platforms; of course with due credit to the original creators.

This trend does not only open you up to an incredible variety of content options, but it also makes you attractive to new and potential followers. Here’s the good news for brands: User-generated contents have also been found to increase the likelihood of converting Instagram followers into a customer.

Collaborate With Others

Collaborating with others have been useful to a lot of brands in generating more followers. This can be done either through sponsorships or partnerships. With this, both you and the owner of the account you are collaborating with will have an opportunity to provide value to the audience of each other. Hence, you can reach a new audience.

Sponsorship is another trend. If you can afford it, then you can try influencer marketing. You’ll be surprised to know how much brands this option has helped increase their Instagram follows in the past.

There you have it, some of the best strategies that can help you grow your Instagram followers within a short time. Users have applied other approaches over time, but these are the most reliable and valid.

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Listing Your Business on Apple and Bing Maps – Why and How.

Haven’t heard about local listing or all its possible effect on your business before? Then you should be worried you’ve not heard about what’s arguably the most prominent business evolution of this time. Things have changed so rapidly from what they used to be, especially in trying to get your business name to potential clients. The web’s local marketing landscape is quickly taking a new dive, and with popular search engines like Yahoo, Yelp, Google and Bing all in the struggle for local ad dollars, it seems like the next few years will be more explosive. In all these, it can be quite a deal trying to figure out the where, how, and what, when it comes to effectively marketing your business.

Here, let’s take you through the processes involved in setting up some of the most popular listings of our time; Apple and Bing maps.

You’ve probably had to ask why your business needs Apple maps or Bing maps before. What effect does information in Apple maps and Bing maps have on SEO and other aspects of promoting your business? Is it just a new way to show off as a business owner? Or is there more to it?

Before we start, let’s talk about local listings. What are they? They are online directory entries that contain some self-storage information (Name, address, and phone number) of businesses as well as some other significant details, like reviews, amenities, office hours, and access hours.


Apple maps and Bing maps fall among the most popular online search maps along with a few others too. Creating and managing Apple or Bing map listing is free and relatively easy. Its advantage for a business cannot be overemphasised since it puts your NAP information, Google reviews, and website links on local search and maps result for potential clients to see them with a simple combination of keywords. By creating and efficiently managing such listings for your business, you should be able to get your business right where it can top local search results. And having a good rank in local search results is such a big deal that it gets searchers closer to your business without much stress.

Through proper verification and maintenance of your Apple map information, for instance, you can take your rankings to an incredibly new level. With this, you can get leads to find you quicker online. Having known the importance of such listings, let’s discuss the how’s, narrowing our tutorial to how to get your business listed on Apple Maps and Bing Maps.

The How

Apple Maps

You might have known before now that Apple Map is configured to act as the default map app on all iPhone and iOS devices. This configuration only means that millions of people are using it daily. People make use of the app for self-storage. They also use the nearby feature to find storage units around them.

It’s straightforward to create a map listing here. Just sign in from Apple Maps, and connect with your Apple ID. If you don’t have an Apple ID already, you can create one by following the following processes.

Add or claim your business using the search function. Start setting up your Maps listing by selecting the icon with the inscription “I’m the business owner.”

Here’s the step by step process:

– Claim or Create your business

– Enter all your business details as requested (details include: location details, business hours, website links, etc.)

– Answer a call on the business phone number provided to complete business verification and Boom! You’re up and running.

Bing Maps

Compared to popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, Bing is less popular, but that notwithstanding, it still pulls in an incredible number of users on a daily basis. Adding your business on Bing is relatively easy although you may be required to set up Yelp before going ahead with your listing on Bing.

Here’s the step by step process:

– Run a search of your business on Bing places for business. If found, claim your listing. If not, you’ll need to create a new listing.

– Complete your registration by filling your NAP information, as well as other necessary information like access hours, photos, office hours, and website link.

– Verification is different from Apple Maps. Here, you’ll receive a pin on your phone, email or business address, depending on your choice. Then, you should be able to log in and manage your listing on Bing.

It is not just essential to have your information appear on local listings like Apple maps and Bing maps, but it is also imperative to have them correctly spelled out since they help searchers who are looking for your services to locate and connect to your business quickly.

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Small Business SEO

Small Business SEO & Google Map Strategies

Do you know that in the UK, small businesses account for as much as 99.3 percent of all the businesses in the private sector? Getting your business to have a formidable brand and appearance online among several others, can be quite a task. However, following some simple SEO guidelines and Google map strategies can set your business up for more potential customers to notice you.

In this post, we’ve covered the best strategies you can adopt for your business to gain better visibility; we’ve also covered the surest Google Map strategies for more reach to your potential customers.

This might be just what you need to boost your next marketing campaign!

5 Small Business SEO Tips to Drive in More Customers

The purpose of SEO is to boost the appearance of your business on the internet, and this can be done organically and inorganically.

Organic SEO simply means getting your website to obey the several rules that Google (or any other search Engine) has in order for your website to rank through Search Engine Result Pages whenever a query word peculiar to your business is searched.

Inorganic SEO involves you paying the Search Engines for ads about your business, such that, if there’s a query on these search engines and the word searched is peculiar to your business, Google (or any other search engine) brings up your business first in the result page.

Both approaches are good, however, it’s wrong to just focus on one. Doing both is the best approach to grow your small business online. I’ve covered the best tips on small business SEO, both organics & inorganic. Here you go:

Excellent content
For running a successful small business SEO, it starts with having a content on your website. That is to say that the landing page your potential customers would be referred to must be top-notch in convincing them to try out your goods and services. You could also run a blog section on your website to give value to your potential customers, this will make them trust you more.

On-page and Off-page Optimisation
This is simply where you follow the SEO rules to rank your small business organically. It ranges from researching keywords, using meta titles and descriptions, alt tags for images, linking to other authoritative websites, backlinking from authoritative websites, sharing on social media and many more rules.

Google My Business page
Set up your business page on Google to promote your visibility when there’s a search in your locality. Ensure you enter all the necessary details about your business, it is a very important tip for locally ranking your small business.

Google Ads
Separate a little budget to run advert campaigns for keywords peculiar to your small business. This process surely works to get in new customers, but it comes at a cost, and could be costlier if it’s a highly competitive keyword.

Social Media Marketing
Getting people to interact with your business on social media is one sure way of improving your small business SEO. Have an active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media pages, engage your users regularly and encourage them to share.

3 Tips for Local Google Map Ranking to Improve Your Visibility

Google Map Marketing is all about having a good visibility online for your small business whenever there’s a search – on the kind of service or product you offer – around your locality.

These tips would help your local Google map rankings.
A Precise Address
Having a precise address in the most primary step as it will help Google to easily locate your business address and suggest it.

Optimization of your Business Introduction
When a potential customer lands on your business page, are they convinced you have what it takes to satisfy them? That is what the business introduction is about, a convincing and engaging note about your business.

Google Business Reviews
Lastly, in order to have local Google map ranking, you need to get people to write excellent reviews about your business on your Google business page. What others have to say has a way to convince your next customers.

There you go, follow these tips and boost your business visibility on the internet. You can also check out our other blogs, we have a lot of info to boost your business.

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How to use local SEO to increase the traffic to your website

Local SEO is a constructive way to increase your phone calls and leads for your business products and services.

Google my business
Ensuring that you have a google my business listing it will make it easier for people to find you. This needs to have contact details, opening hours, appealing photos and location added to the account. This will provide better chances of listings being returned on a results page.

Enhance your meta-description
For local SEO optimisation include your location within the meta titles and description tags of your website. You would also need to add in the location to the content of the page, display your company name and address on each of the pages. These simple changes will increase your click-through rate.

Create directory listings
Create your business listings through online directories like yelp, citysearch, Foursquare etc. You need to display a business’ name, address and phone number. At the same time it would be ideal to link back to your website. Local directories influence the first pages of numerous local search results.

NAP Consistency
Ensure your listings within the online directories have consistent details, this includes your business name, address and phone number. This information will help google to understand that this is the same business.

Get backlinks
Backlinks tell search engines that you are a trustworthy site and help to boost your brand. Backlinks coming from a popular website will be viewed positively by visitors and search engines.

Get your existing customers to review you
Reviews help to boost keyword traffic because reviewers are buyers of your products therefore the language that they use is similar to that of your target audience. The higher the ratings that you have the more google will favour your site.

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We are now an official certified partner

Gain new leads, lower your costs, and close more sales by harnessing the power of marketing automation. If you would like to learn more on how Infusionsoft can help with marketing automation, please get in touch.


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3 Last-Minute Christmas Campaign Ideas That Work

Christmas may be less than a week away, but in marketing terms, that’s a [campaign] lifetime! If you’ve not already got your Christmas marketing activities running, it’s easy to think you’ve missed the boat, but here are three sure-fire ways to put together a last-minute Christmas campaign that can lift awareness and drives sales over the festive period!

Promote an offer on Facebook

The beauty of online marketing is a campaign can be set-up and running in a matter of minutes, especially boosted posts on Facebook. Put together a special offer and post about it on your Facebook page. Then spend £20 boosting it to your followers and their friends over the Christmas period.

If your business sells gift vouchers or digital items (like tickets to concerts), promote these products as potential Secret Santa or last-minute Christmas gifts, for customers that forgot or didn’t get time to buy something physically. You’ll find a good offer on a curious or great product will do fantastically on Facebook when boosted to the right audience, so be smart with your targeting.

Send a Christmas newsletter with exclusive discount offers

This is a two-birds, one-stone situation. Design a newsletter mailer to go out to your entire mailing list on Wednesday, and offer with it an exclusive offer that is only valid for a limited time, usually ending New Year’s Day. The newsletter itself is a nice gesture, as it shows you care about your customers and suppliers, and the discount is a nice little bonus. It also means you may get some last-minute orders in before the end of the year!

Send gifts to your top customers and suppliers

One of the most overlooked offline marketing activities at Christmas is the simple gesture of rewarding the people outside your staff that help keep the lights on. Why? Because it gives your customers a small-but-meaningful reason to keep being your customers in the new year, and makes you look good, especially when a customer thanks you on Twitter and you retweet it out.

We’ve found sending a packet of luxury fudge or shortbread, or a Costa / Starbucks giftcard to be shared between an office, is the best way of gifting something worthwhile without breaking the bank or HR rules on gifts.

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Budak London Launches New Designed Website

Oneclick Media Services is proud to announce the launch of Budak London, the brand new website for the newly launched bespoke furniture brand. The website incorporates the full furniture range together with a large gallery of product images.

At the core of Budak London is a passion to create bespoke furniture that can transform a room, or a property, into something truly outstanding. It combines contemporary design and beautiful craftsmanship in both modern and traditional styles. The team’s years of expertise, promise of quality and delivery of beauty, has allowed the company to expand beyond its Turkish roots.

Its latest venture brings the company to London’s trendy Battersea, where it opens a new space for both local and international residents, interior designers and property developers.

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Facebook Ads: An Introduction

Recent stories in the news haven’t been so kind to Facebook, or more specifically, it’s advertising platform. With over 10 years of data on over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook Ads offer unrivaled customer targeting second to none. Reality is that for the most part, Facebook Ads are a safe and streamlined way for businesses big and small to reach and engage with new and existing customers, and increase their sales.

In the first of our articles on Facebook Ads, we explain the platform and its targeting options.

How do Facebook Ads work?

In a nutshell, Facebook Ads are adverts (usually a post, image or video) that appear in-front of a Facebook user. Facebook Ads are different to regular posts because Facebook is paid by advertisers for a user to see them. Said user has been selected by an advertiser (using Facebook’s exhaustive targeting options) as a potential customer, and the advertiser pays Facebook a small fee for the opportunity to appear in-front of the user.

Why use Facebook Ads?

In short: to get your business and its products and services “out there”! Through Facebook Ads, you can dramatically improve the visibility of your brand, whether it’s a huge national chain or small local business, and build a loyal following on social media that wants to hear about your latest offers.

There is tremendous value in having somebody actively choose to “follow” your company on social media – they just need to know you exist, which is how the ads work. They put your business in-front of potential customers.

What does it cost?

It depends on your budget, how many people you want to reach, and how competitive it is to reach those targeted people, as there are hundreds of other companies vying for the same attention. However, you can run Facebook Ads for just a few pounds a day, if you choose to.

Crucially, it’s actually more than just Facebook.

The Facebook Ads platform is made up of four very different channels:

  1. Facebook, the most popular social media network in the world.
  2. Instagram, the image and video sharing site.
  3. Messenger, the chat app that is also built into Facebook.
  4. Audience Network, which is a network of websites, apps and games that allow Facebook ads to appear on them.

All four channels work in sync with one another to allow you to promote your business to the same customer across all four channels at the same time – or you can just select the channel you want to be on.

Before you can show an ad, you need to target your audience.

Example of creating a specific audience, in this case, male UK film fans aged 18 to 33 that have an interest in movie buff-related things.

Targeting across all the Facebook channels is done by creating audiences, which allow you to filter Facebook’s user base to find the most relevant users for your business. Through the Ads Manager, you can target Facebook users by mix and matching:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Family and relationships
  • Interests, including pages and posts users have already liked or followed
  • Behaviour, including personality traits and various affinities to topics
  • Income bracket
  • Remarketing, including users that have previously visited your website

There are many more options, so it is absolutely worth spending a few hours finding various combinations that best match your business’s customer profiles. (If you’re not sure who your ideal customer is, get your sales team involved, or give us a call!)

Now comes the fun part – the ads!

With your audience defined, you can start showing them Facebook adverts. We’ll cover these in our next Facebook Ads article, but your ads can be anything from a video of your business, to photos of products, to a links to your website. There are over 30 different types of ad formats across all four Facebook channels, each providing a different way of engaging your customers.

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Project: Travel Jab

Oneclick MS recently completed an exciting new project for Travel Jab, a ground-breaking new online directory of qualified travel vaccination practitioners. The objective was to design, develop, build and realise Travel Jab’s core IP, a dynamic and fully functioning website, which is essential to their entire operation!

Travel Jab exists to make finding and booking vaccinations when travelling incredibly easy. The challenge was creating an accessible and simple frontend so the user experience is as streamlined as possible, but at the same time developing a comprehensive backend that allows Travel Jab’s partners to accurately and fully showcase their various services.

Oneclick MS achieved this by putting search front and centre of the UX. As soon as you load the site, you are presented with an above-the-fold form to fill out your travel destination, date, and post code, or if you already know, the vaccinations you require. Hitting “enter” will then trawl the Travel Jab database for local practitioners. Travel Jab’s partners populate this directory themselves, through a product listings system built ground up by Oneclick MS.

To further enhance the UX, customers are then able to book appointments and pay for vaccinations there and then within the search results, which each Travel Jab partner can manage and integrate with their existing systems, allowing for real-time automated bookings and payments without the admin. The result is a smartly developed frontend that is in perfect sync with secure backend, and ready-to-scale as Travel Jab grows its database of partners.

If you’re looking for a results driven company to turn your ideas into IP, speak to Oneclick Media Services today. Call us on 020 8731 5266 or click here.