Barnet Mencap


Website Redesign and Development

What was required and Benefits of the service?

We are proud to showcase our recent collaboration with Barnet Mencap in designing and developing their new website. We’re excited to share the details of this collaboration and the impact it has had on Barnet Mencap’s online presence.

Client Background:
Barnet Mencap is a vital organization dedicated to supporting individuals with learning disabilities and their families in the Barnet area. Their commitment to advocacy, empowerment, and inclusion serves as the cornerstone of their work within the community.

Project Goals:
Our mission was to design and develop a modern, user-friendly website that would effectively communicate Barnet Mencap’s mission, services, and events. Additionally, we aimed to create a platform that would facilitate easy access to resources and information for their diverse audience.

Design and Development Process:
We began by conducting extensive research into Barnet Mencap’s target audience and their specific needs. Collaborative brainstorming sessions and wireframing helped us to conceptualise the website’s structure and layout. Our design decisions were driven by a desire to create a visually appealing interface that prioritised accessibility and ease of navigation.

Features and Functionality:
The new website boasts a range of features designed to enhance user experience and engagement. These include intuitive navigation, responsive design for seamless viewing on all devices, integration of social media channels, an events calendar, and user-friendly donation forms.

Challenges and Solutions:
Throughout the project, we encountered several challenges, including tight deadlines and the need to balance design aesthetics with functionality. However, through effective communication and strategic problem-solving, we were able to overcome these obstacles and deliver a final product that exceeded expectations.

Since the launch of the new website, Barnet Mencap has experienced a significant increase in online engagement, with more users accessing resources, attending events, and participating in fundraising activities. The positive feedback received from both Barnet Mencap and their website visitors further validates the success of this project.

“One Click Media Services were very enthusiastic, helpful and patient in helping us create a new website for our charity. They were always easy to work with, and we are very pleased with the end result! Recommended.” – Barnet Mencap

In conclusion, the creation of the new website for Barnet Mencap has been a rewarding journey for our team. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause and look forward to continuing our partnership with Barnet Mencap in the future.


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