Don’t Be Miscategorised: Why Google Business Profile Categories are Your SEO Secret Weapon

Feb 7, 2024 | Google Business Profile, SEO

Imagine searching for “best pizza near me” and seeing a random yoga studio pop up. Frustrating, right? Google Business Profile categories prevent such mishaps, acting as SEO superpowers for your local business. But why are they so important, and how can you use them effectively?

Unlocking Google’s Search Magic:

Think of categories as labels that tell Google what your business does. When people search for relevant terms, Google uses these labels to match them with the right businesses. The more accurate and specific your categories, the higher the chances of appearing in relevant searches.

Benefits Beyond Visibility:

Attract Targeted Customers: Precise categories ensure you reach the right audience. Pizza lovers won’t see your yoga studio, and yoga seekers won’t miss your delicious pies.

Boost Local Rankings:

Google prioritises relevant businesses in local searches. Choosing the right categories is a crucial ranking factor.
Unlock Features & Information: Specific categories might activate unique features, like online ordering for restaurants or appointment scheduling for salons.
Build Trust & Authority: Well-chosen categories showcase your expertise and professionalism, increasing customer trust.

Choosing Your Champions:

Primary Category: This is your core identity, like “Pizza Restaurant” or “Yoga Studio.” Choose wisely!
Secondary Categories: These add nuance, like “Vegan Pizza” or “Hot Yoga.” Be specific but relevant.
Don’t Stuff & Fluff: Avoid irrelevant categories just for keywords. Google penalises inaccurate information.
Stay Updated: Keep your categories current as your business evolves.


Research: Explore Google’s category list and competitor profiles to find the perfect fit.
Be Specific: Don’t settle for generic categories. Highlight your unique offerings.
Optimise Regularly: Review and update your categories as needed to stay relevant.

By harnessing the power of Google Business Profile categories, you unlock a treasure trove of SEO benefits. Remember, it’s not just about being seen; it’s about being seen by the right audience. So, choose wisely, optimise strategically, and watch your local business flourish!

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